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Alone Forever

I got to think
What if all this love would sink
And burn off like a dry wink
Forget between me n’ her there was a link
Soak myself into one,two much to drink
Weeping alone FOREVER

The happy dreams
Listening to melodies by the streams
Candle lit dinners with lights that no deems
Unforgettable memories and love themes
What if I find myself in those loosing teams
End up alone FOREVER

There’ll be no tears to cry
My eyes will be desert dry
At least I gave it a try
Just that life decided to cook me fry
‘Cause everyone wanted to pry
Happy? I’m alone FOREVER

If I throw out the picture
To ease and relieve the torture
If I’m able to assume the lone culture
Tell me, wouldn’t I be in danger
As in my mind you’d always linger
Though I’d be alone FOREVER

Hello,  my name is James Kariuki (@Kid-Kana)from Kenya and I’m a poetry loving being. I write different genres but I major in Love. My facebook name is Le James , instagram is kiddy_ke and my blog is



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