I’m Lost

Filled with all these questions,
Now I’m wondering.
In search of answers,
I’ve been wandering.

Every clue I thought I found,
To solve the mystery,
Just got me more involved,
And added to my misery.

The path that I’ve been walking,
Seems to lead nowhere.
I feel like I’ve lost everything,
And given in to my fears.

I’m stuck in the middle now. Should I proceed or go back?
All the signs of happiness, it seems that I lack.
Lights have faded away, and future looks so dark.
These walls of compulsions, I wish I could crack.

I’m not sure where I’m heading to.
Not sure either what I’m gonna do.
‘Cause my words are as worthless as a moo.
And me, compelled to walk on someone else’s shoe.

In this cold, dark path, I’ve been covered with frost.
I need to find my way soon, ’cause surviving is must.
But then again I’m not sure, whom I can trust.
In this journey of life, I’m stranded and I’m lost.

By Surakshya Kiju (Coco) (c)


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