The Life of a Socially Anxious Writer

1. Write something.
2. Put it out into the world.
3. Die of embarrassment.
4. Slowly realize that, in spite of intense feelings of shame (what Brené Brown aptly calls a “vulnerability hangover”), you’re not, like, *actually* dead. At least not in the technical, literal sense. And what a shocking revelation!!!!! You really thought you were!!!! In fact, you were quite convinced!!!!! Start getting the itch to write and share your writing again (where did THAT come from???). Forget how painful and awful it was the last time. Start believing and hoping that MAYBE, despite the disagreement of ALLLLLLLLLL your inner demons, you just might have something important to say. Bravely or stupidly (<— you’re never sure which) decide to soldier on.

5. Write something again.

A little about me:

Hi! I’m Mikéa. I’m a writer, music teacher, and aspiring therapist in Dallas, TX. I write songs, poems, and essays about a variety of topics, including mental health, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, creativity, and self-reflection. Find more of my work at


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2 thoughts on “The Life of a Socially Anxious Writer

  1. Lol yeah, this is pretty much my writing process. Write and cringe, then write again. I can relate. Thanks for sharing!

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