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A Lot Like Love

It was but a kiss on my left cheek
That left me lost and love sick.
Her malious perfume,
And figer-licking lipstick!
The roses she painted in my heart
With the smooth touch of her
borrowed angelic hands.
A lot like love!

Her smile kept on beckoning me,
Her eyes enchanted me.
That voice too, develishly enticing.
I yearned to listen more,
I longed to be kissed, touched
And never let go.
To be comforted with lies
And heal my anxiety with her forced smile.
A lot like love!

The deeper the feeling,
The more of me I lost.
My love for beauty,
A thief of souls!
I was a half soul, the rest
Was a pillar of salt.
A lot like love.

Like a tree in summer,
So acted love.
She shed off all her leaves of green
And turned a smile into a frown.
The wows, she turned to woes.

The sweet songs into dirges
And lovely dreams into night mares.
What a scheme!
A lot like love!
It caused me such a sweet pain.

Poem by Bernard Gabriel Okurut.

About the Author. 

Bernard Gabriel Okurut is a young Ugandan  poet, singer, songwriter, literally activist and freelance journalist. He is the proud author of “The  Noisy Silence” a Ugandan poetry anthology published on amazon.  He is a current  student  of English language and literature at Kyambogo University , and a former student of journalism  at Kampala international university.  He is a formidable word-smith , his unique  with and pun, crude imagery and African metaphors have established him in the writing world as one of the fastest evolving international African poets.

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