Coffee Date with Luna: Flowers in the Garden

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna! 

We have not had a little chat for a long time now. How are you all doing? 

There was one of my posts called Embrace your Insecurities where I discussed my insecurities and body image issues with all of you and today I want to discuss the thing that has an impact on our insecurities which is the Instagram girl. 

For all of you that are on Instagram or are familiar with it, you already saw in your mind a certain picture of a girl when you read the words Instagram girl. It’s the perfect, polished girl with big boobs, small waist, huge ass, tiny legs, Kylie Jenner lips and perfect hair. And girls like that exist in real life, but these that we see on social media, for the most part, only exist on social media and no one would recognize them in real life. I know there’s an equivalent for this girl in the male world and I suppose it’s the rich guy who drives a fancy car and has a 6pack. Correct me if I am wrong.  

I am not going to discuss in depth the impact this has on men’s and women’s body issues and eating disorders but I just want to talk about the fact that we are trying to destroy the most natural thing we have in the world and that’s diversity. Why is everyone trying to look the same? 

Have you ever come across a person that has made an impact on the world and read something along the lines of “s(he) looked, talked, walked and thought just like everyone else”? The answer to that is no because trying to be a clone of pop culture is suffocating your creativity and bringing desperation to your life. 

There is so much beauty in diversity but we are trying our best to pretend it’s not there or we have just become blind to it from years of following imposed beauty standards. Everyone can agree that nature is beautiful, but it’s beautiful because of its diversity, colors etc. If every flower was trying to look like the other flower, we would have one flower and our garden would look boring. Why are we trying to look boring?! 

I understand that people go under the knife or have cosmetic procedures done because they are insecure. I thought about stuff like that and stuff I would like to change but then I stop and ask myself – Is it worth it? Maybe in a few years, I will change my mind about this but for now, my 24 years old brain is getting really tired of this clone culture that social media created. 

When I filmed my first Youtube video I noticed that my face was very asymmetrical but I thought it was because I was filming on my phone. Then I filmed my second Youtube video with my new camera and realized that my face indeed is asymmetrical. I was trying to determine if it was the lightning, the angle or something that made my face look like that and then I realized that in reality one of my eyes is a bit bigger than the order, one side of my lips is plumper than the other and one part of my jaw was a bit “chubbier” than the other. And that’s fucking okay. Instead of believing what social media is telling me I need to look like, I will rather listen to science that has confirmed human bodies are asymmetrical and that’s perfectly fine and NATURAL. 

With the world we live in, it’s very hard to just love yourself and be there for yourself when the media is trying to tell you that you look/sound/talk the wrong way and that you are eating the wrong things and that your body is not the way it should be. Even if some find it superficial, having an honest talk about body insecurities and how social media exacerbated them is necessary. I don’t want to dive into these types of topics because I didn’t research them yet, but with the development of social media, there was a rise in suicide and more teens were entering different mental health institutions. Is this what we want?  

Embracing yourself and the way you are different, gives your body, face and soul the dignity and respect the world has been trying to take away from it. Let’s just find the beauty in diversity again and go back to nature from which we came and to which we belong. Remember: no flower is the same in the garden. 

Sending love and positive vibes,

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23 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Luna: Flowers in the Garden

  1. You are so sweet and so real. Thank you!

  2. From one woman to another who has struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmophia HELL YEA🔥 to embrace the parts of us we judge as wrong, unworthy or ugly. These are our shadow aspects and they are important parts of self that must be integrated for us to completely accept ourselves. Our soul is what is beautiful, shines with pure love and what others want and need to connect with. Great post, love to you my dear🥰🥰🥰

  3. I love that you come across as “Real” in your VLog. 🙂

  4. Very well said. Surgeries can make you look good for a small time period, but it has long term side effects, so it’s the best to accept ourselves as we are. Artificial things can’t beat original and natural things.

  5. Only obsequious people buy a book predicated on its cover or author. I prefer to see a sampling of what is really inside for myself rather than just accept the hype written for the marketing. It has to be appealing in a way that adds value to me before I consider adding it to my life. All my relationships online and in life are addressed in the same manner. I’ve never seen you as just your cover or gender my friend. In fact, it was your inner beauty that I found so pleasant and real through your words and playful exchanges we once shared online. Always will be for me. And as I’ve said before, I surely miss that part of you…still. Be blessed and happy, Luna.

  6. we’re all asymmetrical, that’s nature, there is no symmetry in anything but the artificial, and the artificial tends to be cold and vacuous, the most appealing things in the world are those which happily maintain a balance in imbalance, like a tree, one of the most amazing living things on the planet sends more roots out in the direction from which the prevailing wind comes so as to keep strong in the face of whatever the weather throws at it, it knows the power of asymmetry 🙂

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  8. Back in the days when we only have TV, there’s a beauty standard the director created: tall, skinny, blond. Now we have social media, we just resurrected that beauty standard. smh :/

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  10. Well written post. Everyone has their own qualities and he/she is known through those qualities. All are different and unique! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️

  11. Great post! I’m with you all the way.

    As a matter of interest – not that it’s important – we have all been looking at ourselves in mirrors since we were small. Our brains get used to the asymmetry, and stop seeing it. When we see images of ourselves in motion, we are effectively seeing the opposite of that mirror image we are used to, and the brain reacts by doubling the difference.

    I hope that makes sense. I remember the first time I got a close-up of my mother’s face in a mirror – I was well into my teens. I was horrified; she looked completely different – kind of lop-sided, because my brain had blanked out the differences between her left and her right side.

  12. So true

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