A living hell
A deep well,
Of no personal gain
Goodmorning pain,
I wish I didn’t have to see you again,
Eyes open,
Waking up to stomache cramps,
Stomache pain,
It feels as if a herd of wilderbeast have trampled over this body,
Invisible bruises,
Burning limbs,
Knives jabbing at me,
Foggy mind,
Body could you be so kind?
Feel delirious,
This is serious and mysterious,
Claustrophobic head,
I wish I was dead,
Memory loss,
I wish I could toss,
This body into a rejuvenating bath,
And renew,
Sound amplification,
Touch hurts,
Talking hurts,
Everything hurts,
Shut up,
Take another pill,
Numb yourself,
Sedate yourself,
Because that is the answer in modern health “care”,
Addicted to these things,
No support,
No help,
Left on my own,
Get on with it,
Can’t sleep properly,
Who cares,
Food intolerances,
Can only eat ten foods,
Hunger pains,
I can think of is suicide,
To scared to try a fifth time,
Boo hoo,
Poor you,
Can’t sleep,
Over and over again,
How long can I go?
Until I try the deed again,
No emotions,
Can’t see clearly,
Blurry vision,
Damaged brain,
Hippocampus wrecked,
Glass limbs,
Walking on glass,
Every step is hell,
Crunching bones,
Deteriorating limbs,
Bored of this,
Feels as if God is taking the piss,
How did this come to pass?
My soul chose this,
Hard to accept,
Living hell,
Can’t think ahead of an hour,
Everything is sour,
Where are you brahma?
Can’t handle the drama,
No hope, I can’t cope,
Within this musical life of a kaleidoscope,
Please hand me the rope,
No explanation or definitive cause,
I can’t press pause,
A young life lost,
At such a cost,
Wasted opportunities,
To my own choices and I take responsibility for where I am now.
The gates of hell.

Hi there, I am a young human named Amber from the UK discovering what it means to be human, my soul purpose and what we are doing here on planet gaia. I’m a writer, the people’s journalist, philosopher, African djembe drummer, gardener, plant lover, poet, musician, photographer, yogi, blogger, knowledge addict, researcher and student of the universe who is searching for truth and knowledge. I love to laugh and have deep, meaningful conversations.


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6 thoughts on “FIBROMYALGIA

  1. Hello young human called Amber from the UK. My name is Anthony. Also from the UK. I am surprised that you can laugh or have meaningful conversation if these lines are autobiographical. I believe in the abolition of suffering of all sentient beings and am deeply sorry for your pain. I can well understand and sympathize with the frequent attempts to end such agony. Let us hope for a better future where medicine solves such terrible ills.

  2. My sister has it and it is devastating to her body and mind. Happy New Year and be safe and filled with joy please!!🎈🎆🎇✨🎉🎊💝

    1. Thank you! ❣

  3. Thanks for publishing the poem Luna. Blessed New Year’s. 🙏

  4. Hi Amber – Great poem xx

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