Your Betrayal

You always said that I was your exception.
And you really did prove your conception.
Something that seems impossible, the inception.
Is the way how you’ve hurt me; totally a new evolution.

No doubts. it gave me a lifetime lesson.
On how it feels to be a special person.
Getting a kind of pain that can never lessen.
Being pushed to an unknown path, with no instruction.

The place I’ve reached now, this new station.
Is it a whole new world, or just another nation?
I’m not even sure about my own location.
‘Cause it wasn’t obviously a planned migration.

With all this, now there’s no need to mention.
That I’ve been changed into something, that’s your reflection.
The time we’ve been together, was indeed a short duration.
But I almost started to feel that there was some kind of connection.

And while I was thinking of a new formation,
It seems you were busy breaking my own foundation.
You might possibly take it as an allegation.
Or the thoughts of someone with great agitation.

But now I feel like a living soul that has undergone it’s cremation.
The way you chose to hurt me, was really worth the admiration.
The person I’m now is not really me, but your creation.
I hope your task of breaking me, has finally come to it’s completion.

By Coco
An aspiring poet with a poetry blog “Poems from heart”


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