I remember the sand castle wiped by those angry waves,
and the lessons of love and hate taught within those brick walls,
and held in breaths of mine and yours,
the chills felt on my neck while we walk those free afternoons near the stone walled castles,
and the hushed talks of ours of love and stolen kisses.

You said you would love me forever,
and I believed in your words,
we were young lads as we ride those winds blowing us away to our dream land,
and there we stayed till the sun creeped on those eastern mountains capped with snow,
and you whispered it was time to leave once again
but we would be back again tomorrow as those stars start to climb the dark blue sky.

Stormy nights kept us awake,
and the candlelight flickered low while our thoughts shrouded in darkness,
demons crept in now and then,
they have been residing for a while in the cracks of those wall crevices,
behind the curtains,
below our bed,
and inside our hearts.
They have been lying low but decide to show up,
we fight them together,
they don’t disappear,
but go back to their hiding again
only to show up again next week.

Dog eared books lying waste on our feet,
their words etched on our minds and our hearts,
you softly murmur those poems in your sleep,
and into my ears,
you were a wasted poet,
and I was one of those words embedded on every poem you wrote,
I was your work and your pride,
I was your secret,
and so you were mine.

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About me – An engineering graduate with an interest in art and literature. prefers word building over actual buildings. A self proclaimed writer and an art lover, who now wants to be a blogger with procrastination as her side kick.Is a member of Overthinking Club. Currently struggling with sleeping routine and unemployment.


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8 thoughts on “Maurice

  1. Hey girl, seems like we have so much in common…both engineers, overthinkers with a love for words….nice bumping into you 😀

    1. Hey, nice to meet you too 🙂

  2. Is there any chance that this poem is about the EM Forster novel of the same name- Maurice?

    1. Yes, it is. I m glad you recognised the reference ^_^

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