The Mask

With the strike of midnight,
The day comes to an end.
And also your smile shining bright,
That you were forced to pretend.

Finally you take the mask down,
‘Cause there’s no one around to see.
Your default everlasting frown,
That appears when they let you be.

But you’re never really alone,
With your mind constantly haunting you.
Sitting in your bloody throne,
You think of everything you’ve been through.

The horrors of the hellfire,
Turning your dreams into ashes.
When everything that you even slightly admire,
Falls to the ground and smashes.

You struggle to rise from the pyre,
Trying hard to break the chain.
And even though you’re anything but a liar,
You’ve got an image to maintain.

You get sick and tired of it,
You scream out, ”Enough is enough”.
You think you should give up, you think you should quit,
But deep down, you know it’s nothing but a bluff.

‘Cause you’ve got your pyrrhic pride,
That you just won’t cast aside.
It’s a little too late to think of the downside,
When everything inside of you has already died.

So you hold on to it,
Hide yourself behind your hollow bask.
To live yet another day in repeat,
Once again you wear your mask.

By Coco
An aspiring poet with a poetry blog “Poems from heart”


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4 thoughts on “The Mask

    1. Thank you for the reblog. Feel free to check out my blog for more of my poems. :)_

    2. This reminds me a lot of a poem I wrote in 2019 called “My Mask”. Love the rythm and rhyme scheme.

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