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The Key

Life is a prison and death is the key,
That’s how I feel, you don’t have to agree,
I feel so helpless, trapped within these bars,
I just want to pass away and join the stars,

But I am not nearly as brave as I say,
I’m just an actress, my life is a play,
I follow the script and I do what I’m told,
My character is extroverted and bold,

I speak my lines as I hide in my shell,
This person that I’m trapped inside is my cell,
I am not them and they are not me,
But they are who everyone wants me to be,

I trudge along in their shoes til they’re worn,
I put on my makeup and hide all my thorns,
I am a flower, blooming for the sun,
But not by choice, I do not do it for fun,

I need the light if I don’t want to die,
But death wants me badly, I might just comply
I don’t even know what I’m living for,
I pick up my key and I unlock the door.

Author: Stellar
I started writing poetry in elementary school and I just got back into it last month. Most of my poems aren’t about things I’m personally experiencing, but a few of them are. I mostly write for fun because I enjoy it, but sometimes I write to express how I feel.


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