The Key

Life is a prison and death is the key,
That’s how I feel, you don’t have to agree,
I feel so helpless, trapped within these bars,
I just want to pass away and join the stars,

But I am not nearly as brave as I say,
I’m just an actress, my life is a play,
I follow the script and I do what I’m told,
My character is extroverted and bold,

I speak my lines as I hide in my shell,
This person that I’m trapped inside is my cell,
I am not them and they are not me,
But they are who everyone wants me to be,

I trudge along in their shoes til they’re worn,
I put on my makeup and hide all my thorns,
I am a flower, blooming for the sun,
But not by choice, I do not do it for fun,

I need the light if I don’t want to die,
But death wants me badly, I might just comply
I don’t even know what I’m living for,
I pick up my key and I unlock the door.

Author: Stellar
I started writing poetry in elementary school and I just got back into it last month. Most of my poems aren’t about things I’m personally experiencing, but a few of them are. I mostly write for fun because I enjoy it, but sometimes I write to express how I feel.


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5 thoughts on “The Key

  1. god this reminds me of the many mind numbing jobs I’ve had, nice write

  2. Very well written. Liked it!

  3. It’s nice to read. Theme and rhyme on point.

  4. Wow, great work.

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