So there was no forever!

Looking back,
This is not what my mind pictured it
forever had acquired a new meaning
a new home in my heart
but, it clearly dawned that there was no forever

the happy memories you lured me to create
reminding me for the umpteenth time that forever was ours
the romantic candle lit dinners
creating unforgettable memories
as you promised the forever that’s no longer there

learning was tough
but you were the best the teacher
unlearning is my task now
for the teacher compromised the learner
if i only had the manual to unlearn about forever

if i could trash al the gifts and pictures
to maybe ease the pain
to try erase all the forever memories
inflicting pain and agony
but in my mind you still linger
although our forever is already compromised!

I’m Idah Kendi from kenya , love writting but always afraid to this is actually my first post my instagram page is kendi-idah facebook Idah kendi and my blog


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