I Remember

I remember when I was five,
I used to love to be alive,
I really enjoyed catching bugs,
And found warmth in my mother’s hugs.

I remember when I was six,
My house got infested with ticks,
But we got rid of all of them,
And with them left all their mayhem.

I remember when I was seven,
Back then I still believed in heaven,
I loved to solve cool mysteries,
And do puzzles and climb tall trees,

I remember when I was eight,
That year my sister went away,
Sent to a mental hospital,
I don’t know why, I was little,

I remember when I was nine,
My sis came back and I was fine,
That was until my dad moved out,
And that’s what made my sadness sprout,

I remember when I was ten,
My mom came home with a boyfriend,
But they broke up because he lied,
I secretly hoped that he died,

Way back when I was eleven,
My mom got a boyfriend again,
But he was of another breed,
He was nice, and they got married,

I remember when I was twelve,
My emotions were hard to shelve,
Some kids liked to make fun of me,
I hid me tears, they didn’t see,

I remember when I was thirteen,
Turns out my sis has D.I.D.,
But I still love her all the same,
She told me all her alters’ names,

And here I am, almost fifteen,
Hiding myself behind a screen,
I love to read and write and sing,
So here I am, doing those things.

Author: Stellar
I started writing poetry in elementary school and I just got back into it last December. I mostly write for fun because I enjoy it, but sometimes I write to express how I’m feeling. If you want to read more of my poems here’s a link to my blog: https://interstellarpoetry.wordpress.com


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5 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. v different ,Poetry has transformed the intersection of society and personal problems

  2. Beautiful writing ✍️

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