Guys, I think… I actually think I am becoming a better cook. Like… I am getting some skills in this area.

When I decided to learn how to cook a few weeks back, I was frustrated most of the time because nothing went my way, especially when it came to making stews, soups etc. I would never put enough spaces, enough oil, something would burn, I would overcook something. It was really annoying and frustrating putting all of this work into making a meal for it to be tasteless and awful.

Since I experiment with recipes sometimes, I find myself with a full fridge of food that might expire or rot ( I eat A LOT of vegetables). This evening I was just looking at my fridge, throwing out everything that is about to go bad and decided to do something with it. I hate throwing food away, I always try to use everything or freeze if possible. I am just against throwing food away.

I found myself with some kale, half can of beans and Mexican mix veggies, a little bit of tomato puree, some carrots and I actually made this without following any recipe and it turned out great. I know it doesn’t look appetizing and the picture isn’t really great because my phone camera lens is a bit broken but this was actually so tasty. I couldn’t believe my mouth and taste buds. I made a, let’s call it a stew, by myself, without a recipe and it is actually yummy. I even put enough spices in and enough salt. And I didn’t call my mom once to help me!

I also like to make tortillas every now and then but the problem is that stores always have 8 tortillas in a packaging and they tend to get moldy very fast and I cannot eat 8 tortillas in one meal and I also don’t want to eat them every day so I just use them as a form of bread. I cut a tortilla up in 4 parts, put it in my toaster for a bit and there it is. No need to freeze them and they really do taste good with dishes such as this or some nice cream soup.

Okay, I should end this post now because I am weirdly proud of my stew and I don’t want you to think I am weird.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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8 thoughts on “I MADE STEW!

  1. So glad that you fell in love with cooking, believe me it really amazing, peacful, relaxing and your shot explain all 🙂

  2. It looks very tasty! Congratulations Luna 👋🙂

  3. Crappp you just made me hungrryyy. You’re definitely a good cook haha, you don’t need to question that, because just looking at your stew is making me drool.

  4. 😂😂your stew definitely looks tasty! Great work

  5. Stew looks delicious!

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