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Guys, I think… I actually think I am becoming a better cook. Like… I am getting some skills in this area.

When I decided to learn how to cook a few weeks back, I was frustrated most of the time because nothing went my way, especially when it came to making stews, soups etc. I would never put enough spaces, enough oil, something would burn, I would overcook something. It was really annoying and frustrating putting all of this work into making a meal for it to be tasteless and awful.

Since I experiment with recipes sometimes, I find myself with a full fridge of food that might expire or rot ( I eat A LOT of vegetables). This evening I was just looking at my fridge, throwing out everything that is about to go bad and decided to do something with it. I hate throwing food away, I always try to use everything or freeze if possible. I am just against throwing food away.

I found myself with some kale, half can of beans and Mexican mix veggies, a little bit of tomato puree, some carrots and I actually made this without following any recipe and it turned out great. I know it doesn’t look appetizing and the picture isn’t really great because my phone camera lens is a bit broken but this was actually so tasty. I couldn’t believe my mouth and taste buds. I made a, let’s call it a stew, by myself, without a recipe and it is actually yummy. I even put enough spices in and enough salt. And I didn’t call my mom once to help me!

I also like to make tortillas every now and then but the problem is that stores always have 8 tortillas in a packaging and they tend to get moldy very fast and I cannot eat 8 tortillas in one meal and I also don’t want to eat them every day so I just use them as a form of bread. I cut a tortilla up in 4 parts, put it in my toaster for a bit and there it is. No need to freeze them and they really do taste good with dishes such as this or some nice cream soup.

Okay, I should end this post now because I am weirdly proud of my stew and I don’t want you to think I am weird.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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My life

Weekend in Opatija

I realized it’s been a while since I posted something about my life, things I do and so on and, after doing some analysis on my previous posts, it came to my attention that you actually liked those posts, commented a lot so I decided to do one more again.

It won’t be a very elaborate post or contain a lot of pics but there’s a good reason for that. I spent the weekend after Valentines with my boyfriend in Opatija. Opatija is a beautiful city on the Croatian coast, one of the most beautiful to be honest. The weekend was great, we stayed at a nice hotel, went to a nice restaurant, took a long walk along the beach and all of that stuff couples do on Valentines. I don’t have a lot of pictures because my caveman boyfriend hates taking pictures and doesn’t even own any type of social media account. I mean, good for him and his mental health, but bad for me as a blogger. Just kidding, I actually admire him for being so, how should I say, “offline”.

Here are literally the only pics from the weekend I have, some of the were Instagram stories so they will have the location tag or something. Tell me now, have you ever visited Croatia?

And of course, the dress I had on during our night out.


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Dinner time

So, I’ve decided to do more random posts and I hope you will like it. Today I was running around my university getting all of the paper necessary to officially obtain my bachelor’s degree after which I had coffee with my friends and it started to rain like crazy. We had to get to the car and we were soaking wet. There was water literally pouring down my face and arms and I had to squeeze the rain out of my hair before getting into my apartment to have a nice, long shower. The rains in Zadar can get crazy, trust me.

The day after tomorrow I am going home to my mommy for a while so I have my “clean the fridge” action going on. I am absolutely against throwing food away and there’s a bunch of veggies and fruits in my fridge so I’m just trying to eat or freeze everything there is. This gives me the opportunity to eat large, delicious meals like this one.

I have me some chicken breasts cooked on olive oil, steamed broccoli and yellow beans, a bit of onion (love to put it in everything), some kidney beans, rye bread and tzatziki. One of the things people sometimes think is weird about me is how much I love to eat broccoli. I am the child every parent wants LOL.  I am trying to eat healthier and exercise and I just killed it with this dinner. I am so full!

For tonight I think I’ll tune in with some videos by Jay Shetty. I recently joined his Genius Group and I’m catching up with everything and all of the videos. I just find him to be so amazing and able to inspire people to become better.

I hope you are having a great evening or day (depends where you are from). Thank you for reading, love you so much!

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Food My life

Pancakes for dinner

Today I’ve got an A from one of my toughest exams and my roommate and I went out to celebrate with some pancakes. And yes, they were as good as they look.

pancakesMy roommate went for a Raffaello coconut version while I went all chocolate. Mine is with Nutella, Kinder Bueno, chocolate mousse and some bananas inside, you know I just wanted to keep it healthy haha.

chocolateI love the interior design of this pancake bar. It’s modern but a bit rustic and it just has a nice atmosphere. When you sit there you feel like home. Here are some pictures.

coushin time clocks lanterns

homeI wore a whole black outfit in order to make myself look slimmer after the sugar bomb I ate. Just kidding, most of the time I wear black. I’m in love with my new hat because it’s just so beautiful, goes good with everything and most importantly hides bad hair days.

all black outfit ootdI’m going to spend the rest of the evening on the couch watching TV shows and being fat. Have fun guys, kisses!

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