Microcosm of the macrocosm

We are the microcosm to the macrocosm
We are microscopic
A blip in cosmic time
Do you hear the sound of the chimes?
We are the universe expressing itself through our eyes
What you give out you get
Don’t forget
The Universal laws
Guiding your very exsistence
The Law of Divine Oneness
We are all made of the same energetic quantum fabric, we are one
The Law of Vibration
Everything is made up of energies that vibrates at frequencies
The Law of Action
Faith and action will get you where you need to go on your path
The Law of Correspondence
As above, so below, everything that is above is also reflected below
The Law of Cause & Affect
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
The Law of Compensation
Also known as karma, what you put out into the universe you will receive
The Law of Attraction
We must align our thoughts with what we wish in order to attract what we desire
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
Changing our energy to benefit those around us
The Law of Relativity
Putting things you are going through into perspective
The Law of Polarity
There is a polar opposite of everything
The Law of Rhythm
There is a perfect and natural rhythm in everything
The Law of Gender
Both masculine and feminine energies are in everything and everyone
Remember these
And you will flow in the breeze
Of this cosmos, this soul experience, these transient moments we have on mother Gaia
We are blessed
Now we can rest.

Hi there, I am a soul from the UK discovering what it means to be human, my soul purpose and what we are doing here on planet gaia. I’m a writer, the people’s journalist, philosopher, African djembe drummer, artist, tattooer, reader, gardener, plant lover, poet, musician, photographer, yogi, blogger, knowledge addict, researcher and student of the universe who is searching for truth and knowledge. I love to laugh and have deep, meaningful conversations. I am here to serve. ~Diosraw https://diosraw.com/


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5 thoughts on “Microcosm of the macrocosm

  1. lovely, Remembered Hindu philosophy Om! May God protect us both together; may God nourish us both together;
    May we work conjointly with great energy,
    May our study be vigorous and effective;
    May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
    Om! Let there be peace in me!
    Let there be peace in my environment!
    Let there be peace in the forces that act on me!

  2. Very cleverly and beautifully written – well done!

    1. Thank you. 🌹

  3. I think you just summed up perfectly what it means to be human, a small blip in this amazing universe.

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