Quantum Eternal Masterpiece

Praying in search of home
I don’t want to be alone
Out here in this vast universal consciousness
The field is wide
There is no tide
Because it never ends
No beginnings or endings
Just infinite expansion
Your mind can’t conceive
Of this quantum eternal masterpiece

Hi there, I am a soul from the UK discovering what it means to be human, my soul purpose and what we are doing here on planet gaia. I’m a writer, the people’s journalist, philosopher, African djembe drummer, artist, tattooer, reader, gardener, plant lover, poet, musician, photographer, yogi, blogger, knowledge addict, researcher and student of the universe who is searching for truth and knowledge. I love to laugh and have deep, meaningful conversations. I am here to serve. ~Diosraw https://diosraw.com/


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1 thought on “Quantum Eternal Masterpiece

  1. It’s good to see someone else’s poem on this subject. (Do you see paradox in these words ?) Keep going ! Yet I will ask, if I may, what is it that expands ? My regards.

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