Lonely Walk

Cold grey dawn, mist overcoat
comforting as damp muslin gauze
shrouding the eyes of the detached and departed.

Decrepit footpath, cracked and neglected
as the mothers graves across the field
backs cracked by careless footfalls no doubt.

My own gone these many years now
the Belfast cemetery not far from here
her stone unfound after searching.

Somber Irish mist, where legends and relatives mingle
sometimes seen, but always there,

Stoic Poetry.

My name is Stephen Allen.
I was born and raised in Belfast NI but have lived in many countries, currently residing in Austria.I have always written, mostly poetry.
My profession is as a Global Data Manager for various mining companies as a consultant. The link to my blog is: https://throughthecrackedwindow909748923.wordpress.com


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2 thoughts on “Lonely Walk

  1. I want to thank you very much for posting, “Lonely Walk,” on The Poetry Bar. I appreciate that very much – Stephen.

    1. You are welcome. Feel free to send in more work ☺️

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