Our Story

I walked into a brand-new school, I knew nobody there,
Then I saw you walk in with your out-of-control, red hair,
You sat down right behind me and you whispered in my ear,
“Wanna be friends? Cuz I don’t know any of the kids here”,
And from that day you’d never see us anywhere apart,
Of our long-lasting friendship, that was only just the start.

We walked into our middle school, your hand was wrapped in mine,
Whenever I’m with you, I can’t seem to get off cloud nine,
And we got really lucky, all our classes were the same,
We goofed off all the time and it drove everyone insane,
Then we sat down at lunch and we talked about everything,
Like how you’re good at drawing and I’m learning how to sing.

Then high school rolled around, we started focusing on school,
But we still got together to make jokes and act like fools,
That year you came out to your mom, but she didn’t approve,
So you left home and came over and in with me, you moved,
I watched you try out dating, but you always fell apart,
And seeing you with someone else left an ache in my heart.

This year I told myself that I would finally confess,
It’s been too long, I really need to get it off my chest,
I told you how I felt, and you said that you felt the same,
My joy at hearing those words could never have been contained,
And then we got together, you were mine and I was yours,
There isn’t a single thing about you I don’t adore.

A couple years had passed by, I did not see it coming,
Today you got down on one knee and then pulled out a ring,
Tears gathered in my eyes, all I could do was whisper “yes”,
A few months later we got married and you know the rest,
We lived together happily, our love never grew dim,
But you got sick, and your future had started looking grim,

I read to you these words as you breathe in your final breath,
A tear streaks down your cheek just before your greeted by your death,
Then I return home by myself, and go to sleep alone,
And every day since then I’ve left flowers at your gravestone.

I started writing poetry in elementary school and I just got back into it last December, I mostly write for fun but sometimes I use writing to express what I never say out loud. If you want to read more poetry from me, here’s a link to my blog: https://interstellarpoetry.wordpress.com


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9 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. If this is true, it’s heartbreaking. Not that it isn’t if it’s not.

    1. Hiya, I’m the author of the poem and it’s not true, just something I wrote instead of doing my homework.

      1. Well it hit me right in the feels, so it was amazing

      2. You seem to have deleted your blog

      3. I didn’t delete my blog, is the link not working?

      4. It says the authors have deleted the site. I cried when I read that.

      5. well I didn’t delete it so i don’t know what’s wrong? does this link work? https://interstellarpoetry.wordpress.com

      6. Yes it does! Thanks

  2. It’s touching.

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