Bermuda Triangle

Be a light bringer, let it freeze or like breeze through your finger let it slip, sleep not on it nor let it slip a knot on you, ‘cause its a hole deep and steep and you might slip, like a bird on a tree ready to fly away, be joyful like friday.

Like a serpent be wise, make your own paradise, though price high and wages won’t rise, conflict reprise is not the option nor a skin lotion, or love potion, making it your portion is a mental concoction and a frequency distortion

Hold yourself dear, not a deer to a hunter’s light peer, avoidable pain bear, causes wear and tear, be strong, eschew fear, clear off in your highest gear, don’t stay, nor make it a life’s way, a tree in stormy weather sway, away you fly off from a hostile bay

To journey alone you don’t need a loan nor mortgage that makes you age, caged bird’s loss of freedom perpetually in rage, enrage would get you derange, hurry, do not tarry being happy is your right, flight from misery let it be his story not your history

Being in my World is actually like being on a voyage with a Small boat. Small enough to navigate most difficult strait, large enough to survive a tempest. My leaning is toward extraction of knowledge from within myself and encouraging others to do the same. For this reason i describe myself as an Educator. Educator in the old fashion usage of the word in the sense of bringing forth knowledge from within by the recognition that every sentient being is a repository on primal knowledge of Self, Nature, Time, and the primeval Source of manifestations.

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