Out of Phase

a borderline secures me in place,
watches the aftermath of my breathing,
like an owl feeds on the night: takes it in, in one gulp,
& breathes it out on me.

someone keeps whispering about something my human ears don’t
seem to understand;
pulls me to a loop of another world and considers my body non-existent,
a robot, or something
vague. a shadow from the ethereal living inside my head, i feel that – feel

that tunnel where my blood rushes through to the limelight, sucks on me.
tell me,

there’s a meaning to all this, don’t imitate my pastor,

tell me it’s corban.

Akubudike Deborah is a poet and lyricist who draws her inspiration from various things including the Bible, philosophy, Greek mythology, art, etc. Her work has been featured in The Cypress Journal, The Unpublishable Zine, amongst others. She can be reached on Twitter: @akubudikedebbie; Instagram: @ad_poet and blog: https://adpoet.home.blog.


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