Pain Unspoken Poetry

Oh love…..
Speak to me not with your serpent tongue
For I know the venom from your fangs.
Beckon me not to your bait,
I have been a victim of your tricks and lies.
Hold me not captive,
I loathe your cold touch.
Tempt not my greed,
For beauty has made me fall a thousand times.

I refuse to lend you my heart,
Not another time….
You are such a violent fellow,
Hating peace, loving sorrow!
How many hearts have you broken?
Too much pain, unspoken.

You ruin and go unpunished,
Your reputation untarnished.
Oh love….
You are such a violent fellow
Hating peace and loving sorrow.
Your lies I resist.
From my lust, I desist.

Poem by
Bernard Gabriel Okurut.

A Ugandan poet, singer, songwriter, freelance journalist, literally activist and student of English language and literature at Kyambogo university Kampala Uganda. He is a former student of journalism at Kampala International University. He is the founder of Psychic Poetry, an East African student’s movement advocating for Children’s rights and talent uplifting. Okurut is the proud author of ‘The Noisy Silence’ a Ugandan poetry anthology available for purchase on He has written multiple works for very many literally journals and magazines. His works are available for search on the Internet . Follow him on all social media platforms @bernard gabriel okurut and on his email,


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12 thoughts on “Pain Unspoken Poetry

  1. That’s a powerful poem!! Hits at the bottom. Anyone who has gone through the situation would really understand what he is trying to say.

      1. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. True words of once heart.

    1. You are welcome brother.

  3. Thank you for sharing.

  4. the power this has! wow.

  5. Beautiful! 🤍 Thank you!

    1. Thanks for appreciating

  6. Oh you poor thing. How on earth did you survive?

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