Fierce warrior

They say the battle just began
But it seems they already let their guard down
How can a warrior strive without a weapon
That’s an upholding fiction

The people laid down their trust in the rest
But only one brought back the head
from the eagle’s neck
Where spades, daggers , knives and deadly weapons were used
Her hands were her refuge of anger in which she fused.

Who said she couldn’t she couldn’t be a warrior for her gender sake
Those were the one’s who were first slaughtered at the eagle’s nest
She was a shear beauty
Which added to her humorous victory.

How was she to know that she was betrayed by her beloved
By love
And its strange force
He took her to her enemies nest
And she was killed without respect
Her blood was on his hands
And her body treated with discard.

I’m Esther Jacob , some people know me as Kayla , I’m a young blogger who just started her art I’m a novel blogger but also an upcoming poet . I’m a young 14 year old teenager who comes from the continent Africa , from a country called Nigeria 
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9 thoughts on “Fierce warrior

  1. Hello Kayla, I like your writing.

    The blog link is not working.

    1. Thank u so much 😊

    2. You can check the site again
      Thank u

  2. Hi Esther,
    Wow, that was powerful and beautiful. There is a depth to your writings that I must say gave me a surprise when I saw your age. An understanding and a wisdom with that feels like it’s coming from a much older soul. I’m curious, is “Kayla” your pen name for your writings?
    Rebecca aka Becca Waits

    1. Firstly thank u so much ma’am
      It means alot to me😊😊
      And yes Kayla is my pen name

  3. Powerful piece! Thanks for writing and sharing.

    1. Thank u so much ma’am

  4. Very well written. Please keep writing more. It gives hope and beauty to the struggles of an ordinary person, who is otherwise cast aside.

    1. Thank u so much

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