The ducks stoop down to feed, come up for air,
And bend their beaks to foraging again.
They represent my lightened load of care,
And symbolize the brief surcease of pain.
Today, I feel no anger, grief, or fear;
The blue sky and the breeze can hold me fast.
My spirit feels well-balanced, cool, and clear,
And no regrets have surfaced from my past.
This balance is a freedom I must share,
For freedom’s not just meant for solitude.
When carefree, I can bear another’s care,
And do my part to build the common good.
This equilibrium empowers me,
And counsels me to share my liberty.

Mike Walker is a theologian of disability, liturgist (one who curates worship experiences), and poet from Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He loves the written word, and has been writing poetry since his teens. You can reach Mike at michael.walker9@gmail.com, or follow his blog at lotusmw9684.wordpress.com.


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