Perhaps it was some sick twist
The cosmos nefariously conjured
At both of our tragic story expense
While the question remains ever present
One senses deep within ones heart
Like an aberrational extra shadow
I’ve finally grown to simply ignore
Now, that I just do not bother with
Always asking myself “why?” anymore
Endlessly searching for some answer
Inside a labyrinth of plaguing questions
That towered over all I thought I once was
Harshly learning instead, it doesn’t exist
Anymore than “us” ever really did
And even though I was the second one
To eventually walk away from “us”
It was only after you let go of me … first

Poet of the Light © 2021

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1 thought on “Perpetual

  1. Those final lines will haunt me, like an echo from the past given fresh life. Pained, I must thank you all the same for sharing such a powerful work.

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