We were strangers when we met
That felt comfortable- at last
Caught up in desires visionary tale
And the more we got to know and hold
Each other in those burning moments
So hard to find in a growing cold world
Out and away from the world at large
Where only you and I- seem to exist
Living off loves begotten exotic tastes’
And falling deeper into one another
Like twin rainbows across the skyline
Beneath a heavenly rain shower of blisses
But all good things come to an end
When- the illusion simply dissipates
And all the colors drain away
As the cold face of reality changes
Sweetness into a true bitter tragedy
It was a snowy day I’ll remember forever
We remained strangers- when we left
Each other’s broken self far, far behind
Reminiscing- if only, if only… we were right

Poet of the Light © 2021

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  1. Beautiful heartfelt write. I Love it.

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