There was a period in my life
When I longed for certain days that seemed so far away
Days when I would be able to finish a sachet of water at once
Days when I would finally write with pens instead of pencils
Days when I would be tall enough to reach the pedals of the car

There was a period in my life
When I longed for certain achievements that seemed impossible
Like outgrowing primary school,
Graduating from secondary school, and
Surviving university

Now, here I sit
A six foot university graduate
Writing the first draft of this poem with my special pen
Having just downed several sachets of water without flinching
Longing for this storm to be over
So I can start longing for the next big thing

Joshua is a cute weirdo that enjoys writing. He loves Jesus, yoghurt, and basketball. He pens down his wacky thoughts on the blog he writes for (http://ofaweirdo.wordpress.com/) and one day he’ll go to the top of a lighthouse and marvel at the view of the sunset.


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