There are too many voices
Overlapping in my head
Trying to control my life
I wish I could shut them down
Thought that I could take over my own mind
Yet made me realize
I’m nothing without them
Maybe I shouldn’t try to cut them off
Maybe I shouldn’t try to find a way to make them quiet
Maybe I should just let them be
Maybe I should try to live with them
Maybe I could find myself again

I go by name Greeny Rudbeckia, a wandering soul from a tiny island in South East Asia. I love to write poem and prose, sometimes just blabbering my daily life. One of my bucket list is to published my own poetry books. Hope it’ll be soon. Kindly visit my blog don’t forget to leave some marks.


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1 thought on “Noise

  1. Feel this way so much right now. Thanks for sharing.

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