The Orgasm is in the Now.
It is in every breath.
It is the penetration of your Existence with Cosmos.
It is in every caress of the wind.
Slow down. Observe you from You.
Lay down.
Close your eyes.
Allow You to penetrate you more deeply.
Breathe in a way that feels orgasmic. Every. Single. Time.
Surrender. Open your Heart.
Open all of you.
Love your insecurities. Accept your shame. Breathe.
Love. Accept. Breathe. Repeat. Dance to that rhythm.
Make that One Divine Love.
It is your Union, your Home.
The Orgasm is in the Now.
Be with yourself. Meet this moment.
After all, it happens inside you.
What is there to chase after?

Ciao! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Velu and I like to meditate. Sometimes, I write. I’d like to know more of you, the modern-day poets as I am relatively new to the world of poetry. So if you wish to say ‘hi’ to me, you can find me on Otherwise, we probably meet each other in one of my next submissions! 😉


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3 thoughts on “Orgasm

  1. This is stunning!

  2. Is it true that the female orgasm is more intense than the male? Females experience the orgasm throughout their entire body?

    1. Yes, that’s the general idea about female orgasm and in general, women experience this better than men. But, men can also experience such orgasm with knowledge and practice! (It’s written by me, I’m a male. Thanks for the comment.)

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