Feelings Of The Past!

I remember the time,
You were always in my thoughts.
Part of my everyday activities,
And always constant in my sight.
Oh, feelings of the past!

The time when I’d silently watch you,
In the crowd or on the field.
Then, when you’d look in my direction,
I would turn away.
Just feelings of the past!

Now I can bear your absence,
Your presence partially does nothing.
I guess what I thought was wrong,
Because you left me confused.
But I’m glad they’re feelings of the past!

Feelings Of The Past!
Feelings Of The Past!
So glad I let go of those feelings!
Now I feel relieved.
Oh, feelings of the past!

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I am Angela for Wales in the UK recently returned to writing poetry after many many years, I hope to share and inspire others to write and be creative


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  1. Wow this poem is so beautiful simple but catches every readers attention

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