My heart is overgrown with vines

that glow green-radiant
in unkempt spring breezes
and rustle across the un-tuned strings
of my weary heart
in the most sweet-melancholic melody.

Like the ghost of a memory,
that melody stirs something
somewhere in the deep recesses amid the vines,
the phantom limbs of the breeze
hugging my heart in the whispers
of my ancestors.

The vines wrap my heart
tightly against the dusk
and the promise of cold,
their old and reborn roots anchoring me
as the chilling breezes take stronger hold.

Blanketed by ghosts and memories,
my heart slows steady and I recall
in those melancholic notes that pierce the night
how many vines I tore up,
expecting to remain rooted.

My name is Evan. I share my poetry and my perspectives here in the hopes that you may recognize a familiar face, or re-meet an old friend, and that you will leave this chance encounter changed for the better, as I often am. If you would like to read more of my poetry, feel free to check out my website at evanschleicher.com and leave a comment or send me a message!


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  1. I’m a huge fan

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