Pandemonium V8

Pit fall ~

Deep within from the pit of the dragon
His tail was wagging

Breathing gusts of flames & gets much bolder
It’s breath so horrible with an awful odor

Coming out it spread its wings to stretch
Looking around for victims to catch

Out into the light now for all to see how strong
Claws on it were three feet long

Magically shape shifted into a hare
No longer a dragon it’s a rabbit there

Lured the innocent by this cute little sight
Unknowingly followed it, to the dragons delight

Once in the pit the opening got too small
You can’t get out I’ve got you all

Grinning a smile showing all teeth
I start with the head when I eat

I’ll watch you stumble & bump into stuff
Woke into a dragons bluff

My wrathful ways will play it’s roll
I’m keeping you here in this fire like hole


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1 thought on “Pandemonium V8

  1. The dragon is very much like a cat in this poem, playing with its food.

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