Oh love!

Oh love! I wanna write odes for you
About your hair that dances with the wind
And about those eyes that are deep blue.

Oh love! I want to write poems for you
Describing every inch of your skin
Describing it in ways, you never knew.

Oh love! I want to address letters to you
Telling you all my dark secrets and fantasies
Telling you tales of places I once flew.

Oh love! I want to compose songs for you
Including lyrics of our conversation
Including drumming of our heartbeats too.

Oh love! I want to write odes for you

Nida J, is a Writer, Blogger and an aspiring author. She likes books, coffee and literature. For her words are like those beautiful stars, each one reminding a story. Her journey started when she wrote her first poem about Women Empowerment, in class eight. Writing makes flowers bloom in her heart; flowers, that can help, heal and inspire people to reform. She likes to learn not only things that would help her achieve her goal but also people, she likes listening to people’s stories which helps her see the world from their eyes. Her favorite genres are romantic and motivation not just for reading but writing as well. 
Link to my:
Blog: www.ajeelicewits.wordpress.com
Instagram: @jeelicewits (blog account), @moonlit_fables (main) 


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4 thoughts on “Oh love!

  1. Beautiful poem 💕

    1. Thank you! ❤

  2. This is perfect. Real art. I love it.

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