Ohh my heart

For my wounded heart,
is like a mixtape
of my tender emotions
And, I am trying to keep it from drowing
into the oceans of sadness
because this tape of their memories
when ruined, takes time to heal
and in all those times,
clowns dressed up as crowned heads, with blades and knives
kill me
and leave….
Leave without tearing my flesh apart
without showing any scars.

For oh my dear heart,
you are a piece of an art
which I painted with colours of generosity
and warmth.
But ohh my dear heart,
is now made of iron bars
used to build the insides
of your burrow.
For now I carry my heart in my fingers
as when people with
blades and knives
I no more hide,
instead I dedicate my poems to them
because I carry my heart in my fingers
hanging loosely,
across the sharp edges of those knives….,
across the sharp words of those knives.

Short bio: Facinated by depth, soul and intellect. Trying to chanalize my thoughts into something beautifully captivating, hence the writing.

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Instagram username: @dooom.__


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2 thoughts on “Ohh my heart

  1. The language of poems is unique and only a few can understand. We write many words but people are so artificial these days that the words go past over their heads….. keep writing keep inspiring.

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

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