The glass lane

A glass pane,
You on the other side of that,
Or perhaps it’s just me hallucinating your presence
But I knew it’s you because
I can’t misinterpret that essence.

My vision got blur for a second or two,
And my heart skipped many beats in the meantime
Trying to hold the hand of my subconscious to talk to you

You seemed changed,
Perhaps because you’re a grown-up man
Or maybe just not a teenager anymore,
But I’m still amazed by the intensity of the old bond,

I tried to get up and to meet you
And suddenly my legs turned into jello,
That day I realized the amount of strength required to utter a simple word “hello”,

And for a second my subconscious regretfully sighed,
And gave me that, why did you let him go? look,

In a jiffy, I lived all those moments again,
It’s pouring and you’re there on the other side,
Your shirt perfectly clenched to your chest,
Making me want to feel that familiar warmth again,

I tried to open that glass door,
And the moment I took my first step towards you,
Every reason that leads us to this started to seem valid,
I smiled and took my place again and sipped another sip of my now not so hot, hot chocolate.

I let you go tho,
I never wanted to,
But that time I did.

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