Like a carefree soul she flies,
With love in her eyes
and fire in her mind;
She is an aurora
Of a sanguine era,
A plethora of kindness
And that petrichor you love.

She is as careless as the sea,
Not caring about the water
That where is it gonna be,
She is a redwood tree
Having a thick skin
With a slight demure in her voice.

When you hear her speak
You find her mellifluous.
She is the very definition of quintessential,
Like a pristine lake
And a world ethereal.

She is a pluviophile
Who likes walking in the rain
Her words are like an elixir of hearts combined
Bringing reform in every woebegone’s life.

She is you
She is me
She is all those women you and I always wanted to be.

Nida J, is a Writer, Blogger and an aspiring author. She likes books, coffee and literature. For her words are like those beautiful stars, each one reminding a story. Her journey started when she wrote her first poem about Women Empowerment, in class eight. Writing makes flowers bloom in her heart; flowers, that can help, heal and inspire people to reform. She likes to learn not only things that would help her achieve her goal but also people, she likes listening to people’s stories which helps her see the world from their eyes. Her favorite genres are romantic and motivation not just for reading but writing as well. 
Link to my:
Instagram: @jeelicewits (blog account), @moonlit_fables (main) 


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