The Woman Who Cannot Move

The bitter taste of life after you’ve gone,
The sourness of ending has now come,
Happiness and relationship was done,
And so pain and regrets are creeping me inside.

I used to say we belong to each other,
I used to wait for your call before slumber,
I used to love everything we do especially every summer,
I used to be with you and together hoped for forever.

Everything we used to do still lingers in my mind,
But everytime I am aline I always remember you’re not mine,not anymore,
I missed your I love you’s,
I miss you.

Seri Meya


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3 thoughts on “The Woman Who Cannot Move

  1. Amazing blog 😀😀😀

  2. Love can be heartbreaking as it mimics a snake. It seems to always be ready to poison the heart.

  3. inspiring poetry

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