Only Wait

A new day,A new beginning
But still the same thoughts are wandering…
My mind doesn’t find peace or rest;
The emotion inside me are still imprisoned,
Assuming its for the best!
I don’t know how to say..?
But everyday I just push stuff away.
Am paused in the past
Going through all those miseries over and over again,
Feeling alone in a darkroom without a light of faith.
No Courage! No hope!
Thus, left with only wait

Hey everyone! This is Kunakshi Kapoor a simple 13 year girl from India The City Of Taj (Agra) I’m nor too famous neither I have written novels or books… But still has an unconditional love for writing. I believe that whenever we pen something on a paper a positive soul is made out of it ♥… You can find me on 


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1 thought on “Only Wait

  1. Beautifully written. This is so me.

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