That Woman

she is walking in the rain,
No emotions,
no happiness,
no pain,
a dull face is shown,
the memories were slowly blown,
blown from her mind,
creating chaos and making her unkind.

she sat at the shed,
waiting for the rain to stop,
she grin when she realise,
she is no longer dry,
her grin turns into a laughter,
because she remember,
what happened a while ago.

her laughters echoed to the rain,
she shouted and shouted but no one can hear her calling,
she is withering,
she is in her sad ending,
she thought she did everything,
but she is still nothing.

the rain stops,
and she started walking again,
aimlessly under the darkness she stand,
proudly as she is nothing but a mere stone,
the most priceless one but loses its value,
but she is still she,
and will always be.

she thought that it is fine,
she did it one,
she was nothing once,
and so she can do it again,
she can make everyone she her reigning,
she can someday own her crown,
not stolen but made for her,
and someday she’ll make it happen.

i know she can,
because she is me,
and she may let it me,
but not forever,
not only time will tell,
but she can only share her tale,
because no one can know what she knew but me,
because she is me,
i am that girl.

Seri Meya


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2 thoughts on “That Woman

  1. Beautiful poem and emotions are so well portrayed

  2. Beautiful poem.

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