I once met a friend
His name was Skyler
And as I presumed he wasn’t a fighter
But a sky admirer

His name made me swell with amazement
Who knew someone with that name
Could have sinister thoughts in a arrangement
A mystery of the unknown gangster

I wish I bore that name
I would always look to the sky in pleasant array
I would reach for the stars
To brighten up my life’s pace

I would capture the moon in my palms
And hug the sun in my arms
Even if it’s hotness would kill me
I would love to die it its firery and warm embrace

I feel the clouds have cheated me
A saying made my yours truly thee
My love for the sky got me heart broken
It forgot about me like a rejected dead soul

The brightness of the sky turned its back on me
And made my soul long hungrily for its twinklees
My love for the sky changed my heart
How could it leave me half through the start

I wish it would shine its warm light on me
Even a strike of it would turn me glittery
Even a sparkles will cheer my teary wailes
And make my existence less frail.

I’m Kayla. I’m from the continent Africa and precisely from a country Nigeria. This is one of my many art piece. To see more of both stories and poems Visit my site


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