The flower of your youth was plucked,
By neglect and disease–
But you came out stronger for it.

It was I who happ’d to luck,
And in the happ’ing–seized–
In memories longer–stored it–

Sweet memory of the green–
Of your eyes–
Of your youth–

Possessing them not but for a brief moment’s kiss–
Then lost to timing–
and ever missed.

Tyler James Cook is a music and history teacher, musician, and town council member from South Carolina.  He blogs daily about culture, politics, the arts, music, literature, movies, and animals at his blog, The Portly Politico (, and recently published his first book, The One-Minute Mysteries of Inspector Gerard: The Ultimate Flatfoot, in March 2020.


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1 thought on “Green

  1. Beautiful and candid write.
    I really enjoyed that.

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