many things do come my mind
thinking about alot wishing many things
how’s it going to be,can I go over it!?
I wish many things
been thinking all since

will it ever come to past
I wish to act movies
but anytime there’s audition
I was never part of the cast
use to imagine how I will act my own part
will my wish ever come to past!?

alot of things in my wish list
call myself to sit
do I still need to wish!?
am still thinking,what should I go with
is very good to wish
but will it ever come true!?
keep your wish alive
start working towards it
surely it will come true.


Instagram handle : Sulaiman_olusanya

I am Olusanya Sulaiman,from Ogun state but currently staying in lagos


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2 thoughts on “Wish

  1. Wonderful writing.

  2. I love your work !

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