Tug of war

Flying with no wings,
Walking over fire,
Whispering in my own ears,
Noticing myself through my self,
I captured my ills and awes in my own small memory.

I was in the midst of dark clouds incoherently lying around me,
Enveloping me with melancholy and cheerfulness,
I noticed I wasn’t what I was,
I begged myself to allow me to leave.
The older self remained stubborn as I am.
I still plead to free me forever.

And as I fly without wings from my own skies,
As I burn in my own flame,
A tug of war continues in search of my truth,
My tussle for freedom from myself goes on.

Hello folks. My name is Tanmay and I live in New Delhi, India.I am learning of myself through words. Not sure enough to label myself something as yet.So I think it is better to sum it up in this way. You guys can follow my blog for poetry and write ups on varied interests. 

Instagram link:https://www.instagram.com/

Blog link:https://tanmaywrites823655241.wordpress.com/

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  1. Awe-inspiring! This is talent

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