Fireflies at Dusk

Catching a glimpse
of tiny sparks,
Around the corner
away in the dark.

I run after them
in wild desire,
Were they embers
from a bonfire?

Or shooting stars
fallen from the sky,
Or specks of gold
that can fly?
I run again
in the dying dusk,
After the flickers
on beds of musk.

The lights become brighter
in the fading twilight,
Twinkling alone
in the warm night.

I run faster
beneath the trees,
But they vanish
into the fragrant breeze.

Hello there! My name is Malalai Khan, a fifteen-year-old aspiring writer from Pakistan. I love reading, and am really passionate about art, music and literature. I have a writing blog, on which I post bookish stuff, poetry and prose. I am new to the writing community here, and am really excited to have started this adventure!Instagram:

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6 thoughts on “Fireflies at Dusk

  1. Very good – well written 🙂

  2. Excellent. Best wishes for your future success as a writer.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you.

  4. What a beautiful, eloquently written poem!

  5. Thank you so much! 🌼🦋✨

  6. Beautiful 😊👏

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