I’ve been eating my carrots

I went to the hospital today and finally got my eyes checked. I guess I shouldn’t have worried about buying good glasses because I am not buying glasses. My eyesight is perfect, my eyes are healthy and there’s no link between my headaches and my eyes. Good thing is that my eyes are okay, bad thing is I still don’t know what’s up with these fucking headaches.  

I did talk to the doctor for a while about my issues and he did say that getting blue light glasses might help a bit. It won’t significantly change anything but it cannot harm me or my vision at all so considering the time I spend in front of my laptop or my phone it wouldn’t hurt me to get me a pair. It can also help with some eye dryness I’ve been experiencing when I really have to work for hours without taking longer breaks.  

I am glad that it’s off my plate now and I can go look for my blue light glasses. I am going to have to monitor my headaches and if it gets as bad as it was, I am going to seek medical help again because I don’t plan on drinking pills every single week to alleviate the pain.  

Expect some cute selfies when I get my glasses.  


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