Is price proportional to quality?

I had a little outburst of rage against humans today in our Coffee Date regarding the fact that we are devolving and the events on Astroworld and I am also writing another longer post on the subject of our devolution but I am still debating whether or not I will be posting it and I also filmed a YT video that will be coming up soon about a subject that bothers me so I just came here now to be myself. To calm down, talk to you, see how your week began and not focus on negative, horrible things and the world becoming hell. 

So tomorrow morning I am going to the ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked. I already told you that I am a bit scared because of the cases being on the rise again but I know that this is something I have to do because of my headaches. I thought about skipping going to the hospital and actually paying to go to a private clinic but then I stopped myself because: 

  1. I am kind of broke since I moved 
  1. It’s a crazy idea, why pay for it when I can do it for free in a hospital 

Going back to the first point about me being broke, I am going to have to buy glasses. I know that glasses come in different prices, depending on what I will be needing but what I am curious on is if the higher price for glasses brings better quality. In most cases, more money equals better quality but not always and I am really curious about how am I supposed to recognize if a pair of glasses is good quality. I don’t want to have glasses that will be falling off my face and get all wobbly after a few months. 

I started to think more and more about how I spend money and what type of things I buy because I feel like I live in a lot of clutter due to the fact that my intelligence drops when I see discounts and I buy things that are not worth the money which end up not lasting a long time or just don’t serve their purpose after a while. For example, I bought my laptop two years ago and I did pay a lot for it but his battery life is still great, it still runs well as it did the first day, all of its functions are working properly and I am still a happy customer. On the other hand, the laptop I had before that went to shit after a year and a half. It would freeze, I would lose work on it and the screen got so fucked that it only worked under a certain angle so I had to work with a laptop that was half-closed.  

So, glasses-wearing people, what are your suggestions on finding good quality glasses? I haven’t even been to the appointment yet but I am already thinking about it. Let me know down in the comments! 


2 thoughts on “Is price proportional to quality?

  1. Different here in Australia. Private opticians like mine are not hugely expensive, especially for people with affordable private health insurance cover. You only pay more for trendy brands. My wife gets hers free (as a pensioner) from a company called SpecSavers which she finds are fine.

  2. I’ve worn glasses that I was responsible for buying for 25 years. I get new frames every two years. Whenever I go cheap I’m disappointed for two years. Get the best pair you can afford. You’re going to wear them more than ten thousand hours over the next two years! You need to like them. I’ve had good luck with Oliver Peoples.

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