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I ordered some boots online. I haven’t done any shopping in a very, very long time and I wanted to get new boots and tomorrow I will also try to get some things I have saved on my wishlist for Black Friday.  

Yesterday, I got an email from the delivery service that my package is going to be delivered. That did not happen and I also got a message saying that delivery was unsuccessful and that I will be advised about further steps. Since there was no reason stated for the unsuccessful delivery, I was scared that the courier couldn’t find me and that they might send my parcel back. Not having any news about it this morning, I decided to call them and the lady informed me that the courier just didn’t have enough time to do all the deliveries. 

Okay, I get that and I asked if they are going to deliver today or am I going to get my notification about the delivery date. She told me that she does think that today, during the afternoon, the package might be delivered but that she cannot say for sure and that I will get emails and texts about the delivery. I asked her do the couriers call during delivery and she told me that sometimes, but in most cases if no one is available to take the parcel they just ship them back.  

That kind of pissed me off because the delivery service is the Croatian Post service. They can just leave the parcel for pickup in a post office, why have such a shitty policy? To be honest, the reason why I got so upset about it is because I paid for the boots already, I don’t want the package to get shipped back which means that I, living alone, have to sit here and wait for the courier to come. That’s the same thing I did yesterday and it’s annoying because I don’t want to sit in my apartment and wait for a courier that might not even show up! Again! I worked in customer care and I am giving myself PTSD with this post!

I understand that they have a lot of work to do and are probably understaffed because of the pandemic, my problem is not with the courier or the lady I spoke to, it’s about that shitty policy about possibly returning my package if they cannot deliver on the first try. I know that this is a “first world” problem and that I sound like an awful person for complaining about this, but I am annoyed and if I spend my afternoon sitting here, waiting for a package that won’t be delivered I will lose my shit. And repeat the same cycle tomorrow because I am not letting this package be returned even if it means I will have to be very creative with my cooking since I am slowly running out of food in the fridge.  

Yes, I haven’t gone grocery shopping because of this. Running out of food is something that happens to me a lot because I do not buy in bulk. I buy less on my trips to the store because I eat a lot of fruit and veggies and when I buy a lot at once, some things go bad and then I have to throw them away and I hate wasting food so I go to the store more often and buy only enough to last me a few days.  

I am going to go… I am not going anywhere. I am staying on this couch waiting for the courier.  


6 thoughts on “Your order will be delivered…

  1. Hope you get your boots soon and they please you

  2. It makes me anxious when I wait for an order and it doesn’t get delivered on the specified date.

  3. I think this is going to be the same story for a lot of people this year. Can’t find people to unload the ships, the trucks, the cargo. People don’t want to work. We are used to being shut in and those checks from the government, if you got one, made people dependent on govt. But the govt. won’t deliver those boots you want.

  4. I may have missed it – but I was curious to know how you were getting on with the blue light filter glasses?


    1. I noticed that when I spend hours in front of my laptop working, I feel way less pressure in my head than I did before I got the glasses. I don’t know if it’s real or placebo, I am just glad it helps!

      1. Ah, excellent! I got an FL41 coating on my last pair, which helped a bit with horrible office lighting!

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