Black Friday

Am I one of the people who go overboard on Black Friday? Yes. Yes, I am. And that’s okay. I can live off water and potatoes until the 15th of the next month. I already have an array of food intolerances and can’t eat things that make food great such as gluten and dairy so water and potatoes is not that much different from my regular diet.  

The boots arrived yesterday finally and I am sorry I waited for them because they are too big. Their sizing was a bit off so the boots are going back but I did find a new pair at a store today that I liked and bought. I also placed two orders so I will be waiting for my deliveries in the upcoming future as well. I know that one of them is going to come next week, I buy from that brand often and they never fail with delivery but the other brand I ordered from takes their time but they are transparent. It stated that it will take 4-8 business days for some items to be shipped and since the order comes as a whole, I will have to wait longer because of those items.  

Expect a Youtube video once everything is here. I hope I won’t have to ship anything back because I hate being disappointed with my new goodies. The last time I did online shopping was before my summer vacation and buying now just reminded what type of materialistic little monster I can be when I sit behind this laptop and just click add to cart. 

Did you get anything? I know I am not the only one that is in the Black Friday craziness! 


3 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. We have Black Friday in Canada even though we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Usually, we buy a big item on Black Friday like a TV or laptop etc. This year, we need a new furnace so that’s where my money is going towards. We just bought a 4K TV a couple months ago so I think we’re good for electronics for a while. I could use a new desktop computer. Our current one is mega slow and is overwhelmed with all of my husband’s downloads. My laptop has issues and I could use a new laptop as well. I’m using mine until it dies an inevitable death ☠️

    I get the temptation to shop on Black Friday. Right now, I don’t really need anything. There’s things I want but not things I need. I need to declutter a bit before buying more stuff.

  2. Food for thought. I save meals for just such yearly occasion. Some on the shelf, some in the freezer to get me through nearly a month if needed. It tends to lessen the stress and self guilt for over spending on loved ones.

  3. I had not intended to fall into the Black Friday spending spiral, that is until my wireless speaker went Kaput!

    As I do not possess or watch TV, I went in search of a replacement, coming home with a new Sonos Roam speaker, saving £40 off the normal price. Happy days.

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