Lazy, sleepy and busy

I think that some agreement needs to be signed with the weather to enforce the idea of rain only falling on weekends when we have nothing to do. It’s Thursday, I have to listen to my classes and study and it’s pouring rain outside on a cold December day. I don’t want to listen to my class, I want to wrap myself in a blanket like a burrito and watch Christmas movies.  

I have been good this year when it comes to not entering the Christmas craze too early. I am absolutely a Christmas person but as soon as I put some decoration up or go to the Advent, that is it! I cannot function because my brain in on Christmas vacation, decorating a tree and singing ho-ho-ho while my three sane braincells are trying to focus on fundamentals of Project Management.  

I decided that, since I am still in a bit of a financial trouble after my move, I will not buy Christmas decoration. Maybe I get something very small to get myself in the spirit, but overall I am avoiding overspending on stuff that will be put in a box after two weeks and gather dust. I will be home for Christmas and my mom already started decorating so I will be getting into the holiday spirit there.  

One this that’s absolutely on my to-do list is going to the Advent in Zagreb. It’s not what it was back in the day when it was legal to breathe near other people, but it’s still beautiful. There’s a lot of decoration, lights, mulled wine, Christmas trees, mulled wine and other good things.  

I have to go and listen to my class now. Somehow. I know I will re-listen the same lecture twice because my brain is just dozing off, but I will push through and be a good student. 


2 thoughts on “Lazy, sleepy and busy

  1. Really enjoying your content! Thank you for posting your video too! Keep going and pushing yourself!

    1. Thank you, that’s always nice to hear!

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