Lack of Xmas spirit

I cannot get into the Christmas spirit and I don’t know why. I know it’s a bit early but before I would get into the mood already around the beginning of December, but now I just cannot. I watched Christmas movies, went to the Advent with my bf and nothing. 

I was kind of a bit annoyed by the amount of people on the Advent. There were some picture locations that were crowded and people were just waiting in line to take a picture and I wasn’t really in the mood. But we will go to the Advent again tonight so I’ll take some pics to show you how nice some spots are. It’s not like the Advent we used to have, but better than nothing. There was even some live music at a couple spots. 

Maybe when I get home to my mom, I will get into the spirit because my mom already decorated everything. The only thing missing is the Christmas tree which we never decorate before Christmas Eve. The only thing is that I will have to survive Christmas without candy, cake or any other yummy food. I am watching some videos and reading articles on how to do Ana-friendly cake, but honestly, it’s all so expensive. If I come up with anything, I’ll make a video about it to share how it goes! 


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2 thoughts on “Lack of Xmas spirit

  1. Last year I was in that frame of mind. So I did something different. I reached out and was put in touch with a family in my area who could not afford to give their 5 yr old gifts because of loosing jobs during pandemic. Since my kids are all grown up but no grandkids to spoil, I had so much pleasure to be secret Santa for this little girl. I delivered it myself so I know it got to the intended child. They sent me a pic of her Christmas morning in front of a tiny tree, but with the biggest smile, it still makes me tear up. It made my Christmas. Maybe try something similar.

  2. It’s another special season this year.
    Here in France the festive season started a bit earlier than december to cheer up people and I can say I’m in christmas mood now.
    Hope you enjoyed the Advent !

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