The Gift

I have a gift
a gift for you
It’s been long overdue
But now the time is right
and I have waited long to pass it on

My daughter, my son
My niece, my nephew
My students, my children
My friends, my fellow human beings

Never underestimate the power of words
Use them wisely

Let them melt like butter
Let them thaw the ice
Let them make someone’s face glow with happiness
Let them bring gaiety and merriment

Let your words heal and not probe pain
Let them spread joy, near and afar
Let them be withheld if they are harsh
Let them be honest and never a farce

Let your words provide hope
Let them be there in someone’s time of need
Let them provide comfort in someone’s hour of grief
Let them be like a sunny balm for scars that run so deep

There may also be a juncture
when words might fail you
when they seem hollow
when they may seem unnecessary or trivial

At such a time
keep the words in your heart
let them soar
and let them transform into your actions which speak aloud!

This is my gift, for they will last forever
Gift of Words for you!

Poem by Harshi

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2 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Beautiful words.

  2. Thank you so much!

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